"The Myth Of The Mostrophus" Reviews

“The Myth Of The Mostrophus” has been receiving many glowing reviews from around the world. Read below for a selection of those reviews.

Written Reviews

  • Prog Magazine #132
    "An album for Spock's fans to savour"
  • The Prog Report -
    "The production is suitably complex, sympathetic and pleasing, under the expert stewardship of the President of Prog Production, the excellent Rich Mouser. If sound quality were corporate profits, this album would be listed on the Stock Exchange."
  • Michael's Record Collection - The Best Music of 2022
    "With lots of support from his bandmates in Spock’s Beard and Progject, Okumoto recorded an instant classic."
  • Sonic Perspectives -
    "Whether you’ve been craving a new chapter in the Bearded legacy or just some great new modern prog, “The Myth of the Mostrophus” fits the bill. Who knows when the monster will resurface again?"
  • Prog Radar
    "‘The Myth Of The Mostrophus’ really is a fantastic album and one of my favourites of the year. Yes, it really it’s that good and I encourage you to hear it for yourselves, highly memorable and highly recommended!"
  • Spazio Rock [IT]
    ""The Myth Of The Mostrophus" is a lively and surprising record, able to respect in a slavish way the prog rock canons that fans love, but also to present unexpected sonic escapes and extremely suggestive changes of atmosphere."
  • Profil Prog [FR] -
    "With "The Myth of the Mostrophus", RYO OKUMOTO offers music lovers a labor of love, the result of a collaboration from coast to coast as he points out, and with the contribution and the talent of excellent musicians."
  • Rock Meeting [FR] -
    "This record unfolds a solid and melodic Progressive Rock that never falls into sterile demonstration."
  • Metal Epidemic -
    "Proving that he is a prog rock genius, Okumoto has produced six songs that deliver everything that is great about the genre in spades. The songs are exceptional, the musicianship is flawless, and fans of progressive rock will come back to this album time after time because it’s as good as progressive rock gets."
  • Distorted Sound -
    "The end result is a rare album; one that perfectly amplifies the inherent humour of an often-absurd genre, while sincerely delivering something mesmerising."
  • DPRP.net / Greg Cummins -
    "This is definitely an album that I found really enjoyable from the first spin but repeated plays reinforce how much more you can derive from the music, once its magic has worked its way into your brain. A really great effort and one which I highly recommend."
  • Metal Digest -
    "An album that may go beyond the prog threshold"
  • The Progressive Aspect
    "So the Manic Beard experiment seems to be, to my ears, a rip-roaring success, and one of the most unexpected releases so far this year. It’s well written, dazzlingly performed, excellently produced, and above all, it’s a fun listen, and that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?"
  • The Prog Space
    "You will feel right at home if classic prog rock is your jam. And what a jam it is, one of the best this year so far where this particular sub genre is concerned. That means it’s an absolutely mandatory listen for fans, hands down!"
  • New England's Ear on Progressive Rock
    "The Myth Of The Mostrophus is perfectly set up to be as technically impeccable as it is enjoyably ridiculous."
  • Rock Castle Franken [DE] -
    "A really strong prog rock album that contains a lot of Spock's Beard flair, but also keeps the inclined listener on track with their own ideas."
  • Progressive Rock Journal
    "One of the best record releases of recent years, a must-have album for all Prog lovers."
  • TrueMetal [IT] -
    "A pyrotechnic hour of progressive rock full of ideas"
  • Stone Prog [DE] -
    "The album is always fun, and for SPOCK'S BEARD fans, this album is mandatory listening anyway."
  • Lazland
    "An album of which repeated listens bring satisfaction and enjoyment."
  • Rock Progresivo
    "A keeper for all Bearders!"
  • Markus' Heavy Music Blog -
    "Fans of the multi-layered rock from the periphery of Spock’s Beard will certainly become enthusiastic about this album."
  • Velvet Thunder
    "Nonetheless, Myth of [the Mostrophus] is a good listen, conveying a range of atmospheres and moods, from Prog to hard rock, and fans of The Beard will quite likely lap it up."
  • eMaginarock [FR]
    "An amazing and pleasant album to listen to"
  • 80 Minutos [BR] -
    "It is prog, it is melodic, it is pleasant and extremely well produced."
  • The Spirit of Progressive Rock
    "Ryo, with the assistance of Michael Whiteman, has written an exciting, entertaining and diverse collection of melodic prog rock tunes featuring superb playing from all the participants."
  • Prog Archives -
  • Loud and Proud [IT] -
  • Music Waves [FR] -

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